When Three Become One, It’s Alchemy.

As the first part of our story concludes, we’ve put together a book that includes every step taken over the past 6-years.

Behold the Clockwork Watch Omnibus, a combination of The Arrival, Breakaway, and Countenance, all part of our interactive and participatory storytelling, with a decent dose of and fantastical fun!


Clockwork Creator Introduces Premiere of The Cosmonaut

This evening, Clockwork Watch creator, Yomi Ayeni will introduce the London premiere of “The Cosmonaut”, a story about three friends, set against the backdrop of the Russian space programme.

He’ll also moderate a Q&A with the team behind the crowdfunded transmedia project. This is the new age of filmmaking.


Geeks Unleashed Delve Into Clockwork Watch

“this project is definitely one to watch and, more importantly, get involved in.” – Geeks Unleashed!

It’s always great to have a good review, but sometimes it goes much further than a few column inches. While Clockwork Watch is a Steampunk story, it’s more about engaging participants in co-creation and storytelling. Thanks to the guys at Geeks Unleashed – you rock!

Geeks Unleashed

Geeks Unleashed Delve Into Clockwork Watch

Read the whole article on the Geeks Unleashed website:


Steampunk Goes Transmedia With ‘Clockwork Watch’

Monsters and Critics catches up with Clockwork Watch Creator Yomi Ayeni att he Thought Bubble Comic-Con in Leeds… Thanks to Ian Cullen for taking the time and having the interest in our project.

Laser Lace Letters is Funded!!!

Laser Lace Letters – FUNDED

Congratulations to Haley Moore for nailing the crowdfunding of her project “Laser Lace letters“.

We would like to thank all our patrons for the continued support – together we are making history!


World Building Voices…

Ayo Ehinmola

Ayo Ehinmola watching the Ranbir's at the London Zoological Gardens


We hope all the characters sketched into The Arrival and Breakaway exercise their voices, develop personalities and adventure in the story universe they’re helping to  create. Their contributions are the backbone of what is called a Shared Storyworld.

Our next blog post will explain how we intend co-creating Clockwork Watch’s backstory.

We would like You to tell a story… by Yomi Ayeni

Life is a story – one full of plots, sub-plots, twists and turns. It has many nuances, some lead the inquisitive minded on exciting adventures, others teach us not to be nosey, but you never know until you’ve taken that leap of faith whether you’re on course for a life changing experience.

Clockwork Watch is our most recent story  – although it’s been in script form for the past 3 years, the support of our patrons has given us the confidence to say this could be one of the most engaging stories ever told. Want to know why? First it’s a ‘Love Story’ – set in a mad retro-futurist world where anyone can re-invent themselves in  neo-Victorian chic. It’s a sandpit where you can experience a make believe universe, and interact with a story narrative.

Jay Bushman

Jay Bushman - Attendant at the London Zoological Gardens

This is why we have set Clockwork Watch at the very early stage of the ‘steampunk’ era, at a time when mechanical devices were the only source of power, and a ‘maker’ ethic led to some of the most amazing inventions of the industrial age. While we’re itching to see what contraptions and personas people conjure up for our live events, we’re also eager to ‘co-create’ what we’ll call ‘Clockwork World’.

Audiences involvement in Clockwork Watch was always destined to go beyond just receiving the perks listed on our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. People who’ve followed my work know participation is central to everything I create, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that  some of our funders have been sketched  into our first  graphic novel: “The Arrival”, and we’ve started inviting them to help  tell the story of their characters.

Hamish Jenkinson

Hamish Jenkinson having afternoon tea in the Horniman Museum Conservatory

We are not restricting storytelling to words alone,  contributions can be in the form of tweets, photographs, drawings or even video clips. So we’re throwing the door open for you to become a storyteller. Transmedia is all about participation, and we believe that through co-creation we can tell OUR story together.