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Steampunk Goes Transmedia With ‘Clockwork Watch’

Monsters and Critics catches up with Clockwork Watch Creator Yomi Ayeni att he Thought Bubble Comic-Con in Leeds… Thanks to Ian Cullen for taking the time and having the interest in our project.

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How about picking up this month’s Bizarre Magazine?

You might notice a massive 6 page feature in there with nothing but Clockwork Watch goodness! I was completely blown away when I got my hands on the magazine this morning! A big thank you to Bizarre for believing in us and in the wonderful world of Steampunk. Huzzah!

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Geek Planet Online Reviews Clockwork Watch: The Arrival

“Clockwork Watch ticks the right trope boxes for things you’d like to see: Victorian setting, steam technology, automatons and the mixture of innovation and futurism that came with the birth of the industrial revolution. It also brings a nice little twist in that the main characters are not your usual expected gentlemen inventor types but […]

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The Arrival Hits Geek Syndicate Blog

The guys at Geek Syndicate have posted the first view of The Arrival’s front cover – designed by Jennie Gyllblad and Fabio Duarte Martins. Cheers guys!  

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