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“A Look At The World of the Clockwork Watch” by Steampunk Chronicle

A nice article about Clockwork Watch by the team at Steampunk Chronicle, and a preview of The Arrival.  

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The Arrival – First Look

Order yours NOW! It’s a thing of beauty…

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2011 Best Crowdfunded Comic on IndieGoGo

Happy New Year! A quick note to say Clockwork Watch has been chosen as the 2011 Best Crowdfunded Comic Project on IndieGoGo, we are sooo excited, especially as the fun is just about to kick off! Huge thanks to our patrons for making this happen.  

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Team Props

Having spent the best part of last week, thanking our funders, we managed to get ‘Thank You / Xmas Cards’ out to almost everyone… Some said they arrived a bit early! “Cheers for this year’s first Xmas card #november” The postal service delivered our 2nd class cards in under 24 hours! This came Pink Try […]

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Congratulations – You Funded Us!

The preamble to this post is stored on our FaceBook page, which is where we coordinated our crowdsourcing efforts. The general gist is we raised $10k (ten thousand dollars) through crowdfunding! Phew…. So what’s this all about? Clockwork Watch is a “transmedia” steampunk story starting in a limited run of two graphic novels. The Clockwork Watch world […]

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