It was another race to the finishing line, as we prepared for San Diego Comic Con 2018. The book was almost ready, but it had to be proofed, lettered, and eventually sent to our printer in the USA.

Evolution is quite different from the other books, in that it is part fiction, part role-play. Much of the narrative was acted out at our immersive theatre events, and what you read is a graphicised account based on actor / performer feedback.

We’re glad to say that our plan to combine both worlds in a co-created story is coming together. It also marks the start of a working relationship with artist Megan Bradbury, who has partially agreed to work on Angel Corps by Haley Moore, which we hope is a new tentacle in this weird world of Clockwork Watch.

Megan had her first glimpse of the new book while at SDCC.

We always look forward to getting feedback from readers, and chatting with them about how the story is developing, especially as we initially intended on doing three books, and we’re now on book eight! But one thing we’ve noticed is that many are really excited about the co-created nature of this story, after all – they are creating part of the narrative.

But hold a minute, I hear you say… How about the newly published Evolution Omnibus – our third collected edition, with a stylishly designed cover by Fabio Duarte Martin? Yes, this is in fact our  11th book (we now have three omnibus editions), and guess what? There’s more to come.


The final two chapters of the main story – “Sins Of My Father” are currently being illustrated by Jennie Gyllblad, and will be published in 2019 and 2020 respectively, while Angel Corps is scheduled somewhere in between, and then we have a difficult decision of whether to adapt the film script or not.

SDCC also gave us a chance to re-cover the Tick Tock IPA Omnibus in shiny gold – another winning move by Fabio.


Back to Comic Con. It was great to see all our readers, connect with new supporters, and we had an amazing time at the Starburner Courier Service Steampunk Gathering. Check out the gallery below.

We hope to get reviews of Clockwork Watch: Evolution soon, which normally happens close to the launch at The Lakes Comic Art Festival (LICAF) in Kendal this October.

To the many friends that have asked when we’ll host one of our immersive live events outside London, we are proud to announce that the Clockwork Watch team are collaborating with students of Kendal College, and LICAF  to host “We Are Angels” our next live show, and yes… it will be based in Kendal, Lake District. Check out the LICAF event website for details.


When Three Become One, It’s Alchemy.

As the first part of our story concludes, we’ve put together a book that includes every step taken over the past 6-years.

Behold the Clockwork Watch Omnibus, a combination of The Arrival, Breakaway, and Countenance, all part of our interactive and participatory storytelling, with a decent dose of and fantastical fun!


When the Clock stopped (for a few days) at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

What happens when two Victorian steampunk style British gentlemen go to one of the biggest comic book conventions in the world, for the first time?

Well, lots of things, old fellow. Lots of things.

We documented our journey to the prestigious San Diego Comic-Con 2013 over at Geek Syndicate. And this is just the beginning…

“If I wasn’t so tired, I probably would have had visions of the police filing a report about how they discovered two black guys from the UK, holed up in ‘a lady called Gladys’, buried alive by a mountain of steampunk and fantasy comic books.

“Any press is good press, as they say.”

Start reading here:

Clockwork Watch Resumes…


It has been years since the onset of the Dark Winter, and Victorian society is finally getting to grips with living in smoke.

A lifetime of burning fuels to power the big mechanical machines, coupled with diverse weather conditions created a deadly pea-souper that plunged the world into darkness.

Time has moved on…

Steampunk Goes Transmedia With ‘Clockwork Watch’

Monsters and Critics catches up with Clockwork Watch Creator Yomi Ayeni att he Thought Bubble Comic-Con in Leeds… Thanks to Ian Cullen for taking the time and having the interest in our project.

Geek Planet Online Reviews Clockwork Watch: The Arrival

Clockwork Watch ticks the right trope boxes for things you’d like to see: Victorian setting, steam technology, automatons and the mixture of innovation and futurism that came with the birth of the industrial revolution. It also brings a nice little twist in that the main characters are not your usual expected gentlemen inventor types but rather a family from Calcutta who have been invited to England thanks to the father’s magnificent creation – a clockwork man.”

Geek Planet Online Review

Geek Planet Online Review

Read Full Review:

Yesterday’s World…Today

That was the week that was. We had a blast at Tomorrow’s World… Today. We launched Clockwork Watch with an immersive prologue, and participants had a chance to interact with characters from the story. We also made sure that the first batch of “The Arrival” were in the post, and were being delivered prior to the event.

So what happened? Well, you need to read the latest news in the London Gazette

Here are some snippets of the day’s activities:

Professor Elemental Rap Class

The Lady and Tiger Illusion Clock Unveiled

Photo Gallery

Tomorrow's World Today

Tomorrow's World Today

More Photos here

Jennie Gyllblad Interviewed by Alex Fitch (Resonance FM)

Jennie Gyllblad talks to Alex Fitch of Resonance FM, about Clockwork Watch, Steampunk and working with Corey Brotherson and Yomi Ayeni.

This interview was broadcast on the Panel Borders show, Resonance FM in London.

Jennie interviewed by Alex Fitch (Panelboarders)

Jennie interviewed by Alex Fitch (Panelboarders)

Welcome to Tomorrow’s World… Today!!!

Want to know how this project starts?

All pre-ordered copies of “Clockwork Watch: The Arrival” are being posted this weekend, in preparation for the launch of our story at “Tomorrow’s World… Today!” on May 6th.

This blog post relates to the live event. If you’re reading this we hope you come to join the fun!

Tomorrow’s World… Today! is the first step in a long and adventurous journey.


To make “Tomorrow’s World… Today” simple and enjoyable, we’ve put together a few pointers on what the event is about, the themes you can expect and on getting the most out of participating.

Please take a few moments to read this post, and remember that if you have any questions you are welcome to contact the event organisers at:

All clear? OK, then let’s start off with a little flavour text…

Be introduced to the Department for the Advancement of Sciences!
Marvel at their quest to develop a fully functional automaton!
Explore the brave new world of Clockwork Watch

Clockwork Watch explores non-colonial, multicultural Victoriana, set at a time of peace, when mechanics and science are the two most important developments in the world.

The universe-revealing extravaganza is the first live public event in the Clockwork Watch story.


So, you’d like to join us, and know that the event is something to do with science and clockwork, but to really enjoy yourself, you’ll want to register a character.

Registering a character isn’t essential, but doing so means the organisers will have a chance to tailor certain aspects of the game to make it more enjoyable. If a lot of people choose to play one particular Faction (more on this later!), then we can ensure there is enough plot and intrigue to keep everyone interested.

Playing a character at the event is a little like participating in a Murder Mystery event. It’s interactive theatre, without a script but with plenty to do for everyone.

We the organisers will run games and amusements throughout the day, and it’s entirely up to you how involved you want to get, and for how long. Stay for the day or stay an hour, as long as you have fun then we’re happy!


So, in order to register your character, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1) Decide on Your Faction.
The world we’ve created has 6 Factions to choose from. These will give you an idea not only of what to wear, but also how to behave and what your motives are.

Perhaps you favour the artistic Aesthetics, or prefer the down-to-earth Trade Unionists; either way we almost certainly have a Faction to interest you.

More on the available factions can be seen here:

2) Decide on Your Name.
What will you call yourself? Remember that the game is set in an alternative Victorian period, so we’d advise going for something of that period.

If you’re having trouble thinking of something, don’t worry. You can use your own name and we’ll be happy to create something for you.

3) Register the Character.
All ready to go? Then register your new character online!
Remember, registering helps us to prepare a better event which means more fun for everyone involved. You can register online at:


Once you’ve registered, we’ll take care of the rest and look forward to seeing you at the event on Sunday May 6th, at No. 10, Bermondsey Street Tunnel (off Tooley Street), London, SE1. We’ll be there from 2pm, so feel free to drop in at any point.

Of course, if you’re really keen to get involved, there are still plenty of other ways to go about it. You’ll probably want to think about what to wear, so we have prepared a costume guide for just this purpose. You can find this online at:

Want to get really involved? Well, this is a science event, so why not register an invention to bring along? Details of this can be found at:

Under An Oak Tree: by Yomi Ayeni

Quite a bit of this project is based around South East London, and I’d like to introduce some of the areas as part of our ‘show and tell’.

The first place  is a little known village called Honor Oak Park and One Tree Hill – just off the A205 (South Circular Road) and on the Culture Line (Overground Railway Line). Legend has it that on 1 May 1602, ‘Queen Elizabeth I’ had a picnic under an oak tree at the summit of a hill. The tree came to be known as the Oak of Honor.

Part of Clockwork Watch was actually written or conceived on the hill, while gazing over the London skyline. Janav – our protagonist – lives in Honor Oak Park, and visits the hill in our story too! This area of London has some awesome Victorian legacy, which was an inspiration to me while was working through parts of the story.

Take the Horniman Museum for instance – apart from housing an incredible collection of natural history artefacts, it also has musical instruments, and arts & crafts from the Victorian era. It’s the ideal place to introduce  an anachronistic world where science, culture and Victorian values collide head-on. The museum features heavily in the first part of the story – and Jennie Gyllblad drawings are just spot-on! She’s recreated all the scenes from images found on the Internet.

Hamish Jenkinson

High Tea in the Horniman Museum Conservatory