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When Three Become One, It’s Alchemy.

As the first part of our story concludes, we’ve put together a book that includes every step taken over the past 6-years. Behold the Clockwork Watch Omnibus, a combination of The Arrival, Breakaway, and Countenance, all part of our interactive and participatory storytelling, with a decent dose of and fantastical fun! You can pre-order copies […]

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Is It Steampunk? That’s A Leading Question…

We’re honoured to be included in the our second San Diego Comic Con Panel! Having started the Clockwork Watch story from what we now call the ‘Before the Steampocalypse’, Yomi is really looking forward to making this a debate to remember. Here are the details: Is It Steampunk? Friday July 10, 2015 8:30pm – 9:30pm Room […]

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2015 Readers Choice Best Graphic Novel – Steampunk Chronicle

Woweeee! We’ve been voted 2015 Readers Choice Best Graphic Novel on Steampunk Chronicle. Thanks so much for voting for us, it’s rather humbling. We promise to keep the story fresh, alive and engaging. Tick Tock IPA #3 is coming, watch out!

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Update Time…

Updating the Clockwork Watch Bible to include Clockwork Underworld, audience co-creation and Laser Lace Letters, two trips to San Diego, the Longitude Punk’d installation at the Royal Observatory, The Queen’s House Summer Fete, the Starburner Courier Service Award, the Fellowship of the Victorian Steampunk Society, three new graphic novels, our next show at the National […]

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Tick Tock IPA #2 Begins

News just in…

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Up Up and Away

That was the year that was… 2013 turned out to be an epic adventure. We hosted Clockwork Underworld, attended several conventions, and introduced our story to many more people. Overall, we would call it a success, and would like to thank you for supporting us. 2014 is a different beast all together. We have an […]

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Clockwork Watch At Caption Comic Fest!

Clockwork Watch artist Jennie Gyllblad, and writer Yomi Ayeni will be appearing at Caption Comics Festival in Oxford on Saturday. Come check us out!!!  We are on the “Cyperpunk / Steampunk Panel”

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Clockwork Watch At San Diego Comic-Con!!!

Clockwork Watch crosses the Atlantic for a fun filled night out in the USA, as we partner with the Steam Powered Giraffe posse at the world-famous San Diego Comic Con 2013! Walter Robotics Expo Clockwork Watch will be making an appearance at Walter Robotics Expo on July 18th, at the Four Points by Sheraton. 8110 Aero Drive, […]

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Valia Kapadai (@valium_) Joins Clockwork Watch Team

We’re delighted to welcome artist Valia Kapadai (@valium_ ) to the Clockwork Watch team. She’s working on a major story arc in our transmedia story. More details soon…

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Clockwork Watch Resumes…

It has been years since the onset of the Dark Winter, and Victorian society is finally getting to grips with living in smoke. A lifetime of burning fuels to power the big mechanical machines, coupled with diverse weather conditions created a deadly pea-souper that plunged the world into darkness. Time has moved on…

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