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My Name Is Seth – I’m A Scientist

Introducing Seth, a new character in the Clockwork Watch Steampunk universe. He works with Chan Ranbir at the Department for the Advancement of Sciences, and may look familiar to some of you… Seth’s role bridges the gap between the graphic novel series, and the Clockwork Watch film script. Clockwork Watch: Countenance launches at the 2016 San Diego Comic […]

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Steampunk Goes Transmedia With ‘Clockwork Watch’

Monsters and Critics catches up with Clockwork Watch Creator Yomi Ayeni att he Thought Bubble Comic-Con in Leeds… Thanks to Ian Cullen for taking the time and having the interest in our project.

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Breakaway concept art. Chan Ranbir sketch!

Chan Ranbir got old, but still an authority figure.

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The Ranbir Family… with an addition.

Here’s the first scan of the painting! I still need to do a few touch up’s here and there, but the majority of the work is done.

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Doodles and sketches and inklines!

Here’s a progress scan of what is to become a painting very soon! And below are a few first sketches and doodles of various things connected to Breakaway, the sequel to The Arrival which is currently being drawn by yours truly behind the scenes! The very first concept sketch of a certain Chan, 20 years […]

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The Clock faces – part 3 by Corey Brotherson

And here we move on to the last of our main characters in The Arrival… Chan Ranbir Chan is very much a driving force of The Arrival – for both the right and wrong reasons. A short-tempered genius, the father of the Ranbirs is stern, influential and a figure who looms over the family’s future. […]

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Sneaky Pic From The Arrival

Much more to come…

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