Laser Lace Letters is Funded!!!

Laser Lace Letters – FUNDED

Congratulations to Haley Moore for nailing the crowdfunding of her project “Laser Lace letters“.

We would like to thank all our patrons for the continued support – together we are making history!


Angel Falls From The Sky….

Laser Lace

After labouring with this new baby, I can now announce that Clockwork Watch is more than a labour of love. I know some will beg to differ, but you have to admit we’ve done some amazing things with the £6500 crowdfunded through IndieGoGo!

And now a new chapter is about to begin… One of the inspirations behind starting this adventure was to create a platform through which people can tell their own stories, by using our ongoing narrative as a guide – we create the story universe, and you create a character and help build the world. So far our participants have registered, but many have been shy to take up the challenge and become storytellers or just contribute, that is until now.

The first project to launch off the Clockwork Watch narrative is a crossover / collaboration with Haley Moore (aka @Toenolla),  maker of extraordinary objects and a killa storyteller in her own right.

Transmedia is a relatively new concept that really hasn’t been defined or explored at great depth. We would like you to join us on this adventure, we believe it is the start of “something wonderful

Here’s the intro to Haley’s story: