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When Three Become One, It’s Alchemy.

As the first part of our story concludes, we’ve put together a book that includes every step taken over the past 6-years. Behold the Clockwork Watch Omnibus, a combination of The Arrival, Breakaway, and Countenance, all part of our interactive and participatory storytelling, with a decent dose of and fantastical fun! You can pre-order copies […]

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Clockwork Watch: Breakaway on ComiXology!!!

Clockwork Watch Vol. 2: Breakaway is NOW available as a digital download on comiXology! Be sure to check it out! http://cmxl.gy/R5b4ez

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Geek Native Reviews “Breakaway”

Our friends at Geek Native have reviewed our latest offering – “Clockwork Watch: Breakaway”, and they like it… ūüėČ “An ideal choice for a clever reader, esp steampunk fans” Check this out!

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When the Clock stopped (for a few days) at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

What happens when two Victorian steampunk style British gentlemen go to one of the biggest comic book conventions in the world, for the first time? Well, lots of things, old fellow. Lots of things. We documented our journey to the prestigious San Diego Comic-Con 2013 over at Geek Syndicate. And this is just the beginning‚Ķ […]

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Geek Syndicate Takes on Breakaway – The Review

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway “may be a slender tome but the world it unfolds is a visual and metaphysical feast, fit for poring over and pondering on long after the story has been devoured.” “A creative sandpit (that) ¬†has continued to grow and thrive across the mediums of music, craftwork, live performance and the written word.” […]

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Patron and Contributor Rev Dagada – in Breakaway

Surprised to see Rev Dagada sipping a green liquid in a Clockwork ‘Juice Bar’. Another one of our patrons sketched into a scene in Clockwork Watch: Breakaway.

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Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – Two Stories By Different Artists…

Our next book features two stories and artists. Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – the continuation of The Arrival by artist¬†Jennie Gyllblad, the other a new story called “Tick-Tock IPA” by¬†Valia Kapadai, which is a fictional take on a series of real life events, British Industry and the surprise emergence of something that has become a global […]

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More Patrons Feature As Characters In Our Story…

During our crowdfunding campaign, we offered patrons a chance to become part of this 5-year story, by sketching them into the narrative. We hoped many would use their appearance to kick off their own stories, worlds, and much more… And some have! This week, we’ll give you a couple of snippets from Breakaway, our next […]

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Clockwork Watch Resumes…

It has been years since the onset of the Dark Winter, and Victorian society is finally getting to grips with living in smoke. A lifetime of burning fuels to power the big mechanical machines, coupled with diverse weather conditions created a deadly pea-souper that plunged the world into darkness. Time has moved on…

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Clockwork Watch is heading to the San Diego Comic-Con

Yes, that‚Äôs right, Clockwork Watch is packing its collective bags and jetting off to the United States in July 2013 where the team of Yomi, Jennie and Corey will be selling copies of The Arrival and Breakaway at Comic-Con International in San Diego. This is one of the biggest comic book and sci-fi conventions in […]

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