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First Look – The Alchemist #WIP

A sneak peak at a master at work – The Alchemist. This is a character that has been ever present at our live events, but making his first appearance in Clockwork Watch Countenance. Does he look familiar? This is a work in progress pic by Jennie Gyllblad.

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Clockwork Punk’d at the Royal Observatory

Clockwork Watch creator, Yomi Ayeni, is part of the team bringing Steampunk to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It’s part of the bicentenary of Longitude, and there MAY be an element of the Clockwork Watch story embedded in the year long celebrations.

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Tick Tock IPA #1: Best of 2013

In a recent article by Saranga Comics, our third graphic novel Tick Tock IPA, was selected as one of the best self published graphic novels in 2013. It’s a joy to have some recognition, especially as we’re all striving to keep the project alive, with almost no funding. The story continues, and we’re so grateful […]

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Shared Storyworlds Features Clockwork Watch

  Check out  Shared Storyworlds interview with Clockwork Watch creator, Yomi Ayeni, where he sheds light on the background of this project, his inspiration, and what he hopes to learn from telling this story over the next four years. “Shared Storyworlds explores new models, frameworks, and best practices for creating, curating, sustaining, and maintaining collaborative entertainment […]

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Geek Native Reviews “Breakaway”

Our friends at Geek Native have reviewed our latest offering – “Clockwork Watch: Breakaway”, and they like it… 😉 “An ideal choice for a clever reader, esp steampunk fans” Check this out!

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When the Clock stopped (for a few days) at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

What happens when two Victorian steampunk style British gentlemen go to one of the biggest comic book conventions in the world, for the first time? Well, lots of things, old fellow. Lots of things. We documented our journey to the prestigious San Diego Comic-Con 2013 over at Geek Syndicate. And this is just the beginning… […]

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Photographs from Clockwork Underworld!!! Oliver Facey’s Pix

At long last we can show all the amazing photographs from Clockwork Underworld – our interactive theatrical event from the story. Here are your links Oliver Facey’s photographs Farrukh Hayder’s photographs 

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Valia Kapadai (@valium_) Joins Clockwork Watch Team

We’re delighted to welcome artist Valia Kapadai (@valium_ ) to the Clockwork Watch team. She’s working on a major story arc in our transmedia story. More details soon…

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Why We Believe In Our Project!

We”d like to share a quote from someone who has gone through some of the turmoil we’re experiencing, yet now has four Academy Award nominations for his film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” “The mentality for our feature was always that we were going to make the film, no matter what. There was never this […]

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Clockwork Watch Resumes…

It has been years since the onset of the Dark Winter, and Victorian society is finally getting to grips with living in smoke. A lifetime of burning fuels to power the big mechanical machines, coupled with diverse weather conditions created a deadly pea-souper that plunged the world into darkness. Time has moved on…

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