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The Arrival Reviewed by IGN

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Breakaway in Comic Books and Cookies…

“This comic is part of a hugely bold undertaking, which ultimately pays off.” Comic Books and Cookies A beautiful review of Breakaway, by @Ariellalphabet. Read more:

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Geek Syndicate Takes on Breakaway – The Review

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway “may be a slender tome but the world it unfolds is a visual and metaphysical feast, fit for poring over and pondering on long after the story has been devoured.” “A creative sandpit (that)  has continued to grow and thrive across the mediums of music, craftwork, live performance and the written word.” […]

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boing boing Reviews Clockwork Watch!!!

Huzzah! Thanks to the guys at boing boing for their generous review of Clockwork Watch. It’s humbling to have their support.

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Geek Planet Online Reviews Clockwork Watch: The Arrival

“Clockwork Watch ticks the right trope boxes for things you’d like to see: Victorian setting, steam technology, automatons and the mixture of innovation and futurism that came with the birth of the industrial revolution. It also brings a nice little twist in that the main characters are not your usual expected gentlemen inventor types but […]

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“A Look At The World of the Clockwork Watch” by Steampunk Chronicle

A nice article about Clockwork Watch by the team at Steampunk Chronicle, and a preview of The Arrival.  

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