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Clockwork Underworld – Line Up Announced

Clockwork Underworld

Clockwork Underworld

Live Bands

★  Bitter Ruin
Initially rather disturbing, but ultimately BRILLIANT!” – Stephen Fry

★  The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
Less Steampunk & more “SteamPUNK”, the British four piece mix Anarchy and Anachrony in equal measure

★  Sunday Driver
“From a first verse that sounds like a Dickensian Kate Bush”
★★★★ The Financial Times

★  Beatrix Players
6 piece urban folk band introduce something fresh to your musical pallet


Sacha Dieu – Electro Swing


  Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus

 NK Guy’s Photo Booth

  Civilised Mess
Interactive performances

 London Quest
Immersive Engagement
“The level of spontaneous, unrestrained participation that Quest’s ensemble elicits from its audience is astonishing’  – The Times

 Dread Falls Theatre
Presents: The Explorer

  Firecat Masquerade
Role Play Direction

 Bohemian Artist’ Studio
Live Drawing and Portrait Painting


Clockwork Watch: Breakaway Book Launch!

Shhhhh… Please Don’t Share

Clockwork Watch started out in Asia, and we’re honoured to have a band that represents many of the inspirations that started this story, so we’re keeping this one pretty close to home, and it will not be announced as such… So, shhhhhhhhh….

Sunday Driver will be doing a special one-off live performance at Clockwork Underworld on May 3rd.

Sunday Driver blend together Indian and British influences from past and present with the help of a pumpkin, a melon and the skin of a goat.

Formed in Cambridge in 2000, Sunday Driver have grown from a small acoustic act to a riotous 7-piece band, playing headline gigs in the UK and abroad, creating ground-breaking music that blends contemporary sounds with Eastern influences and instrumentation.


Sunday Driver at Clockwork Underworld

Sunday Driver at Clockwork Underworld

Breakaway – Sneak Peek 1.

At long last, a sneak peek of Clockwork Watch: Breakaway. Spot any familiar faces?

Breakaway is released at Clockwork Underworld on May 3rd 2013.

London’s streets are alive with the sound of…

Sneak Peaks from Breakaway

Sneak Peek from Breakaway

Once again the story is written by Yomi Ayeni, edited by Corey Brotherson, and art is by Jennie Gyllblad.

Clockwork Underworld Performers Announced

London Quest Company

London Quest Company

Bohemian Artists Studio

Bohemian Artists Studio










We are very excited to announce the fantastical and unique PERFORMANCE acts for the Clockwork Underworld at the Make Believe Festival 2013.  Here are the breathe-taking and wondrously spectacular artists that will be performing live for our make believers!

These acts have been specially chosen for their epic qualities and perfectly crafted talents which merge grotesquely and beautifully into our darkly unusual and mischievous worlds! More acts will be announced shortly so make sure you get your tickets now!

Friday May 3rd

The event also doubles as the UK launch of the next book in the story. Clockwork Watch: Breakaway


Firecat Masquerade

Firecat Masquerade

Ms Chameleon's Incredible Flea Circus

Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus

The Name Game, Part 2!!!

We’re nearly ready for our big reveal, but first another chance to “Name the Patron” & win a preview copy of Clockwork Watch: Breakaway!

Who is this award winning sci-fi author?? Her eyes suggest she has been sketched into our story as a ‘Model 5’ Clockwork Servant.

Answers to informer(at)ClockworkWatch(dot)com. First person to name her gets a free copy.

Name The Patron & Win

Name The Patron & Win

Clockwork Underworld at Make Believe Festival 2013

Clockwork Underworld at Make Believe Festival 2013

Clockwork Underworld at Make Believe Festival 2013

Years since the onset of the Dark Winter, and society is finally getting to grips with living in smoke. A lifetime of burning fuels to power the big mechanical machines, coupled with diverse weather conditions created a deadly pea-souper that plunged the world into darkness. The British resolve has crumbled, ironically not through invasion, war or starvation, but by the yellow sickly smelling fog that has choked life out of 50,000 people, and closed down industry.

The battle lines are drawn. Clockwork Underworld is the only place left where many feel free;  people plot against the governments new Clockwork Servant regulations, ‘backstreet skin-job’ technicians show off the new generation of Clocks Prostitutes, Victorian gentlemen & ladies visit The Den to ‘chase the dragon’, and  liberated Clocks launch a crusade to free fellow automatons from servitude. It’s also where a newly formed police force set up shop to impose a new world order…

Join us in the realm of make believe at the Clockwork Underworld – your wildest dreams may just come true.