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What Makes A Fan by April Arrglington

A great post by April Arrglington who is one of our funders. What Makes A Fan

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Team Props

Having spent the best part of last week, thanking our funders, we managed to get ‘Thank You / Xmas Cards’ out to almost everyone… Some said they arrived a bit early! “Cheers for this year’s first Xmas card #november” The postal service delivered our 2nd class cards in under 24 hours! This came Pink Try […]

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Reaching Out

The Season of Goodwill is almost with us, and our funders are spread across the globe, which is why we’re already sending out a little thank you early. Hope this gets to the peeps in New Zealand before D-Day.

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Congratulations – You Funded Us!

The preamble to this post is stored on our¬†FaceBook¬†page, which is where we coordinated our crowdsourcing efforts. The general gist is we raised $10k (ten thousand dollars) through crowdfunding! Phew…. So what’s this all about? Clockwork Watch is a “transmedia” steampunk story starting in a limited run of two graphic novels. The Clockwork Watch world […]

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