The Name Game, Part 2!!!

We’re nearly ready for our big reveal, but first another chance to “Name the Patron” & win a preview copy of Clockwork Watch: Breakaway!

Who is this award winning sci-fi author?? Her eyes suggest she has been sketched into our story as a ‘Model 5’ Clockwork Servant.

Answers to informer(at)ClockworkWatch(dot)com. First person to name her gets a free copy.

Name The Patron & Win

Name The Patron & Win

More Patrons Feature As Characters In Our Story…

During our crowdfunding campaign, we offered patrons a chance to become part of this 5-year story, by sketching them into the narrative. We hoped many would use their appearance to kick off their own stories, worlds, and much more… And some have!

This week, we’ll give you a couple of snippets from Breakaway, our next graphic novel. This time we’re placing our patrons in roles, as particular characters, and pivotal parts of the story. Clockwork Watch is all about storytelling, what better way to start?




Laser Lace Letters is Funded!!!

Laser Lace Letters – FUNDED

Congratulations to Haley Moore for nailing the crowdfunding of her project “Laser Lace letters“.

We would like to thank all our patrons for the continued support – together we are making history!


World Building Voices…

Ayo Ehinmola

Ayo Ehinmola watching the Ranbir's at the London Zoological Gardens


We hope all the characters sketched into The Arrival and Breakaway exercise their voices, develop personalities and adventure in the story universe they’re helping to ¬†create. Their contributions are the backbone of what is called a Shared Storyworld.

Our next blog post will explain how we intend co-creating Clockwork Watch’s backstory.