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Clockwork Watch Timeline

Part One

May 1899
Britain is in the grip of a recession, society has fallen on hard times, the gap between ‘haves and have nots’ grows wider by the day. A decline in trade, power shortages and the inability to manufacture energy-efficient products leaves British industry in the doldrums, but on a local level  the amateur maker and boffin ethos thrives. People begin to innovate and experiment at home, creating a thriving cottage industry of inventors and alchemists. They begin to adorn and augment everything they own with mechanical objects.

Queen Victoria looks to science for a miracle and the Department for the Advancement of Sciences takes up the challenge. While developing artificial limbs for veterans of the Saryn War, they hatch plans to create a mechanical device – a clockwork servant – but fail to find a sustainable power source.  Read More:

Sins of My Father #2 at Thought Bubble UK – Harrogate

So glad to announce that we will have copies of Sins of My Father #2 at Thought Bubble UK, this weekend in Harrogate. It’s the 10th book in our Steampunk saga, and finds Amelia in a state of disarray.

We will be in the Redshirt Hall at table 54.  The past two years have been a little hectic to say the least, and we are proud to have this latest instalment ready for you. Story by Yomi Ayeni, edited by Corey Brotherson, art by Jennie Gyllblad, cover by Megan Bradbury, and title by Fabio Duarte Martins.

Colonialism In The Age of Steampunk

Steampunk, Victoriana, retro-futurism, or whatever else you may call it, has firm roots in the colonial era, but this does not mean Steampunks celebrate colonialism.

“We love the creativity of steampunk, playing with fiction and elements of Victoriana and history to create vibrant fantastical worlds. But one of those elements is colonialism, and colonialism has caused harm”.

We have created a badge to reflect the ongoing fight for social justice. 100% of all funds raised will go to support the Il’laramatak Community Concerns (NGO), who protect young Kenyan girls (Kajiado Girls) from being robbed of their basic human rights and forced into child marriages, and FGM.

Yomi Ayeni, author of Clockwork Watch has written a piece on Medium.

Yomi Reminisces About Angel Corp Homecoming at Virtual LICAF

We are honoured to say that Yomi Ayeni, creator of Clockwork Watch is one of the guests featured on “Comics, Clouds and Kendal Mint Cake“, as part of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, which is live online all weekend. Here he chats about collaborating with Kendal College to host a day long transmedia experience in Kendal.


Lock and Download – Ends Soon

Thanks so much for checking out our free download. Hope you enjoyed the read, and we’re really excited that many offered to write a review of the story.

Our free download ends soon. If you plan on getting digital copies of The Arrival, Tick Tock IPA #1, and Evolution #1, kindly do this before midnight 16th May.

Don’t forget each book is the start of a new arc in the Clockwork Watch story.

We are really excited to announce that Sins Of My Father #2 is edited by Corey Brotherson, and illustrated by Jennie Gyllblad.

Clockwork Watch – Lock and Download

As the whole world grapples with lockdown measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, staying at home is the new ‘going out’. Clockwork Watch is offering a time limited free book download offer which we hope helps stave off boredom and offer a mind-expanding insight into the world of Steampunk, science fantasy and folklore.

Clockwork Watch
I like Clockwork Watch a lot. It’s a steampunk story with genuine soul that brings a fresh approach to the genre. A real labour of love.” – Bryan Talbot (Grandville)

Clockwork Watch is a collaborative storytelling project set in a retro-futurist / Steampunk vision of Victorian England. It’s an immersive and co-created participatory story told through graphic novels, interactive promenade theatre, freeform role-play, and online adventures. Now in its 10th graphic novel, the story has manifested as live events at the Royal Observatory, The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and The Asylum.

The following titles are available to download for free. Each is the start of a new story arc within the Clockwork Watch storyworld. All start at just about the same time, and run concurrently, with each spawning unique live participatory and immersive events. They can be read in any order, as each references the others.

The Arrival:
Technological and social change is in the air – human-clockwork hybridisation is the talk of the town; the unwise employment of science has led to amazement and outcry. The Arrival introduces the amazing Steampunk world of Clockwork Watch.

The story is told through the eyes of Janav Ranbir, an 8 year old Indian boy who comes to England with his parents at the invitation of Queen Victoria. In The Arrival, the first novel, we follow Janav’s father – Chan Ranbir – a leading kinetic engineer and mastermind of a new technology powering the production of Clockwork Servants.

Arrival Cover

Tick Tock IPA #1:

Tick Tock IPA is a tale of perseverance against the odds, the fight for civil rights, and a history of the Victorian era’s first internationally renowned Indian Pale Ale, surely a Steampunk icon of a forgotten age.

Tick Tock IPA pre-dates Clockwork Watch: Breakaway, and is about the liberation of Clockworks from servitude. It has certain parallels with the abolition of slavery amongst other historical signposts.

Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA

Evolution #1

“At eight-years-old, I bravely put a name to one of the voices in my head. I call him Xavier… he knows my darkest secrets, fears, and how to manipulate them. He has made me do things… deathly things.”

The words of  Saccadius Cartwright, a man born into a world in the throes of chaotic change. Guided by his imaginary friends, he railed against authority and many of the things his guardian expected of him.



We’d be very grateful if you’d answer a few questions prior to downloading the books. The most important being whether you’d be willing to write a review of the books.

Download Clockwork Watch Here


First Look: Angel Corps

Angel Corps
The “Angel Corps Home Coming Parade” event hosted with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, was one of the main highlights of last year. It gave us a chance to introduce an aspect of our story that had been lurking in the background for the past 8 years.

We initially had lofty ideas of how big this story was going to be, and mapped out things like live events, working with schools, AR functionality, even street parades. After chatting with friends, and struggling make the film, we shelved almost everything apart from the graphic novel.

Over the past few years, we have been invited to work with various events, organisation, people, and been given the opportunity to introduce a few of the abandoned story elements.

While we are two years away from introducing the first Angel Corps book, we brought the all female squadron to life while working with students of Kendal College, which has neatly set up their appearance in Sins of My Father, our next book.

It’s great having a chance to play the ‘art immitating life’ card.

Huzzah to Angel Corps!!!

Angel Corps i Kendal

Sins of My Father…

Before Clockwork Watch became a massive graphic novel series, it was a humble film script that told the tale of a white man who fell in love with a black woman, in a world where such an affair was forbidden.

That woman embodied the future of humanity, the fate of an angry young Sikh boy, and the advancement of a practice called science.

The man is a scientist, the woman – an automaton. And this is the story of what happened next…

Sins of My Father” is the 9th book in the series, and the first introduction to the main protagonists in the original feature length screenplay.

Work in progress by Jennie Gyllblad, edited by Corey Brotherson, written by Yomi Ayeni