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Tomorrow’s World Today – Early-Bird Tickets On Sale

Tomorrow’s World Today Clockwork Watch immersive launch event is on May 6th Early-Bird tickets are now on sale at £10. This event is the background story to the whole Clockwork Watch universe.  

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Working Up A Brighter Tomorrow

Clockwork Watch is a multi-faceted beast and it requires some expert attention, which is why we’re working with Dom and the Firecat Masquerade team to plot out our shenanigans for Tomorrow’s World Today on May 6th. We’re going to create a bustling Victorian street scene with all sorts of distractions. I’d suggest keeping the day free […]

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First review of Clockwork Watch: “The Arrival” via Geek Syndicate

  We’re happy to announce the first review of Clockwork Watch: The Arrival, by our friends at Geek Syndicate. “Jennie’s art is classical in nature, elegant in execution and she shows a fabulous eye for colours and how to use them to add depth and emotion to every panel she draws. The other nice touch […]

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Tomorrow Calls

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Save The Date

Save The Date: May 6th 2012

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We would like You to tell a story… by Yomi Ayeni

Life is a story – one full of plots, sub-plots, twists and turns. It has many nuances, some lead the inquisitive minded on exciting adventures, others teach us not to be nosey, but you never know until you’ve taken that leap of faith whether you’re on course for a life changing experience. Clockwork Watch is […]

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A Very Fine Victorian Lady

More doodles from Jennie. There’s a good reason we’re introducing you to these, keep an eye on this space…      

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