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Patron and Contributor Rev Dagada – in Breakaway

Surprised to see Rev Dagada sipping a green liquid in a Clockwork ‘Juice Bar’. Another one of our patrons sketched into a scene in Clockwork Watch: Breakaway.

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Breakaway concept art. Chan Ranbir sketch!

Chan Ranbir got old, but still an authority figure.

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Breakaway has begun! First sneak peeks of Janav concept designs.

Janav’s all grown up now. First concepts of the Clockwork Watch uniform. First sketches of possible hairdue for Janav. Trying out his grown up face…

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CHUD Reviews The Arrival

“Janav’s mother, in particular, is more “liberated” than an Indian woman would have been in the historical Raj, but in just a few words and gestures, she shows us how she must still keep her strength hidden in a man’s world.” Read Full Review

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The Ranbir Family… with an addition.

Here’s the first scan of the painting! I still need to do a few touch up’s here and there, but the majority of the work is done.

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Doodles and sketches and inklines!

Here’s a progress scan of what is to become a painting very soon! And below are a few first sketches and doodles of various things connected to Breakaway, the sequel to The Arrival which is currently being drawn by yours truly behind the scenes! The very first concept sketch of a certain Chan, 20 years […]

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Yesterday’s World…Today

That was the week that was. We had a blast at Tomorrow’s World… Today. We launched Clockwork Watch with an immersive prologue, and participants had a chance to interact with characters from the story. We also made sure that the first batch of “The Arrival” were in the post, and were being delivered prior to […]

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All Patrons Big and Small…

Young Victorian Sohan meets Janav from India at the London Zoological Gardens in “The Arrival”, first instalment of Clockwork Watch.

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The Clock faces – part 3 by Corey Brotherson

And here we move on to the last of our main characters in The Arrival… Chan Ranbir Chan is very much a driving force of The Arrival – for both the right and wrong reasons. A short-tempered genius, the father of the Ranbirs is stern, influential and a figure who looms over the family’s future. […]

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The Clock faces – part 2 by Corey Brotherson

And so on to our next main character in The Arrival– the dutiful mother, Tinku. Tinku Ranbir Mother to the ever-questioning Janav and wife to the stoic Chan, Tinku is a character who has great significance to the story. Her presence is felt throughout both The Arrival and Breakaway, and provides a sense of balance to the two […]

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