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Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – There’s A Storm Coming…

Details about the next instalment of Clockwork Watch… 20 years after the events of The Arrival, our second graphic novel Breakaway shows Britain in the grips of a violent transformation. Clockwork servants are all the rage. Although this new Clockwork life is not as easy as the government foresaw it to be… and at the crackling […]

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Breakaway has begun! First sneak peeks of Janav concept designs.

Janav’s all grown up now. First concepts of the Clockwork Watch uniform. First sketches of possible hairdue for Janav. Trying out his grown up face…

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The Ranbir Family… with an addition.

Here’s the first scan of the painting! I still need to do a few touch up’s here and there, but the majority of the work is done.

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Doodles and sketches and inklines!

Here’s a progress scan of what is to become a painting very soon! And below are a few first sketches and doodles of various things connected to Breakaway, the sequel to The Arrival which is currently being drawn by yours truly behind the scenes! The very first concept sketch of a certain Chan, 20 years […]

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The Clock faces by Corey Brotherson

So, you’ve seen some of the artwork showing a few of the characters you’ll be joining on the journey that is Clockwork Watch – but who are they? Well, you’ll be finding out soon enough in The Arrival, however there’s no harm in introducing some of the people whose lives will dramatically change before you […]

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