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Preparing Thought Bubble

While preparing for Thought Bubble in Leeds this coming weekend, here’s the very first cover for Tick Tock IPA #1, designed by Valia Kapadai. We hope to work with her again very soon.   

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Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – Two Stories By Different Artists…

Our next book features two stories and artists. Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – the continuation of The Arrival by artist Jennie Gyllblad, the other a new story called “Tick-Tock IPA” by Valia Kapadai, which is a fictional take on a series of real life events, British Industry and the surprise emergence of something that has become a global […]

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Valia Kapadai (@valium_) Joins Clockwork Watch Team

We’re delighted to welcome artist Valia Kapadai (@valium_ ) to the Clockwork Watch team. She’s working on a major story arc in our transmedia story. More details soon…

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