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Geek Syndicate Takes on Breakaway – The Review

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway “may be a slender tome but the world it unfolds is a visual and metaphysical feast, fit for poring over and pondering on long after the story has been devoured.” “A creative sandpit (that) ┬áhas continued to grow and thrive across the mediums of music, craftwork, live performance and the written word.” […]

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First review of Clockwork Watch: “The Arrival” via Geek Syndicate

  We’re happy to announce the first review of Clockwork Watch: The Arrival, by our friends at Geek Syndicate. “Jennie’s art is classical in nature, elegant in execution and she shows a fabulous eye for colours and how to use them to add depth and emotion to every panel she draws. The other nice touch […]

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The Arrival Hits Geek Syndicate Blog

The guys at Geek Syndicate have posted the first view of The Arrival’s front cover – designed by Jennie Gyllblad and Fabio Duarte Martins. Cheers guys!  

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