The Name Game! Win A Free Copy of Breakaway

One of the rewards of creating a project like Clockwork Watch is being able to sketch our patrons into our story. Our objective is to inspire them to participate in the make believe we’re creating.

Our online world is a sandpit where you can interact with the narrative, contribute to an alternate history, and propose creative adjustments to the Clockwork Watch story universe.

A free copy of Breakaway to the first person to name this V(I)P. 😉

Name This Patron, and Win!

Name This Patron, and WIN!

Answers should be sent to informer(at)ClockworkWatch(dot)com

Join us for the Clockwork Watch: Breakaway launch party at the Make Believe Festival, in London on May 3rd 2013.

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – Two Stories By Different Artists…

Our next book features two stories and artists. Clockwork Watch: Breakaway – the continuation of The Arrival by artist Jennie Gyllblad, the other a new story called “Tick-Tock IPA” by Valia Kapadai, which is a fictional take on a series of real life events, British Industry and the surprise emergence of something that has become a global phenomenon.

Both stories are written by Yomi Ayeni, and Corey Brotherson.

Why We Believe In Our Project!

We”d like to share a quote from someone who has gone through some of the turmoil we’re experiencing, yet now has four Academy Award nominations for his film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

The mentality for our feature was always that we were going to make the film, no matter what. There was never this thing where we were going to write the script and then wait till someone gave us the money. It was always we’re going to make it, and here’s the starting date. If we get the money we’ll make it bigger. If we don’t get the money we’ll shoot it with our cellphones.” – Benh Zeitlin (Director, Beasts of the Southern Wild)

Thanks for your continued support.

More Patrons Feature As Characters In Our Story…

During our crowdfunding campaign, we offered patrons a chance to become part of this 5-year story, by sketching them into the narrative. We hoped many would use their appearance to kick off their own stories, worlds, and much more… And some have!

This week, we’ll give you a couple of snippets from Breakaway, our next graphic novel. This time we’re placing our patrons in roles, as particular characters, and pivotal parts of the story. Clockwork Watch is all about storytelling, what better way to start?




Make Believe Festival – 2013!!!


We are proud to announce the launch of the Make Believe Festival – a weekend-long event where Clockwork Watch meets the Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball.

This is the ultimate hybrid festival, where we invite all to abandon the modern world, and step into the realm of Make Believe…

Save the Date: 3rd – 5th May 2013.



Clockwork Family – A4 Print by Jennie Gyllblad Now Available

“Clockwork Family” by Jennie Gyllblad, is the first of the prints we are releasing from The Arrival.

It’s a limited run of 10 (only 5 are available through our online store, the rest are going to some of the generous patrons who funded The Arrival).

And yes, our online store is now open.

Clockwork Family

Clockwork Family


Ashwin is the first Clockwork prototype developed by Her Majesty’s Department for the Advancement of Sciences. We are introduced to him in Clockwork Watch: The Arrival. He lives with the Ranbir family, who’ve just arrived in London from India. This print is a signed limited edition of 10 (only 5 are for sale), and is by Jennie Gyllblad. The background is London’s Horniman Museum, which is featured in The Arrival.