Clockwork Watch Shop Opens Today!!!


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We are delighted to announce that the Clockwork Watch Shop is finally open, and ready to take orders. It includes a few Exclusives from our launch at San Diego Comic Con 2015, posters, and some special treats.

The first 50 orders over £10 will receive an exclusive laser cut leather First Oasis Drinks Token designed and created by Haley Moore, which can be redeemed for a pint of Hodgson’s India Pale Ale at our next immersive theatrical event. We will also donate £1 to Water Aid, our first nominated charity.

First Oasis Tokens

Our exclusives include the limited edition Tick Tock IPA Collection (Hardback), the red covered Tick Tock IPA #SDCC launched at Comic Con, and “Freedom Now Machine Liberation Front Poster by Fabio Duarte Martins.

Clockwork Watch is a self-published project, and we appreciate having your interest and support.

It’s a been a while in making, but we are glad to finally be where we are.


Tick Tock IPA #2 Launch + Free Limited Edition Newspaper!

Tick Tock IPA #2

Tick Tock IPA #2

We are proud to announce the launch of our new book, Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA #2.

The first 40 copies come with a free limited/numbered edition copy of The London Gazette, our fictional newspaper that was central to the immersive experience theatrical, staged at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, last week.

The book, a continuation of Tick Tock story, follows Ervin the sentient Clockwork on his journey of discovery.

Ervin Worried

Ervin Worried

“A Clockwork automaton falls into a brewery’s fermentation tank, and gains sentience. Exactly the opposite of what would happen to a human being. He finds himself in a world sick to the core, searching for a miracle. Could he be the answer? Is he ready for such responsibility? And why isn’t anyone asking him what he wants?”

Chan on warpath

Chan on warpath

All copies are available from our online shop, and will be on Comixology for digital download in the next few weeks.

Story: Yomi Ayeni
Editor: Corey Brotherson
Illustration: Jennie Gyllblad
Lettering: Mick Stock
Cover Art: Fabio Duarte Martins

Clockwork Family – A4 Print by Jennie Gyllblad Now Available

“Clockwork Family” by Jennie Gyllblad, is the first of the prints we are releasing from The Arrival.

It’s a limited run of 10 (only 5 are available through our online store, the rest are going to some of the generous patrons who funded The Arrival).

And yes, our online store is now open.

Clockwork Family

Clockwork Family


Ashwin is the first Clockwork prototype developed by Her Majesty’s Department for the Advancement of Sciences. We are introduced to him in Clockwork Watch: The Arrival. He lives with the Ranbir family, who’ve just arrived in London from India. This print is a signed limited edition of 10 (only 5 are for sale), and is by Jennie Gyllblad. The background is London’s Horniman Museum, which is featured in The Arrival.