Up Up and Away

That was the year that was… 2013 turned out to be an epic adventure. We hosted Clockwork Underworld, attended several conventions, and introduced our story to many more people. Overall, we would call it a success, and would like to thank you for supporting us.

2014 is a different beast all together. We have an event planned for summer, Tick Tock IPA #2 is already with Jennie, and we have been invited back to San Diego Comic Con!!!!!

We are also working on a large installation for the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

First Official Look at Clockworks at Work…

Here’s the first official photograph of the Clockwork prostitutes that operated at our last immersive live event, Clockwork Underworld.

The actresses were more than awesome, and even knew how to deal with participants who felt our world was too real…

Actresses Playing Clockwork Prostitutes at Underworld

Actresses Playing Clockwork Prostitutes at Underworld

Immersed in the Clockwork Underworld – Steampunk Chronicle Review

Steampunk Chronicle

Steampunk Chronicle

As I entered the main room, I was met with cobbled streets, store fronts and street signs denoting my location as seedy Whitechapel. Above me floated a dirigible, at least 4 foot wide and 15 feet long. Behind it, the glass roof of the venue showed looming brick buildings and a foggy London sky.
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A great review of our main live event for 2013 – Clockwork Underworld – put together by  L.C. Longo of the Steampunk Chronicle.

Photographs from Clockwork Underworld!!! Oliver Facey’s Pix

At long last we can show all the amazing photographs from Clockwork Underworld – our interactive theatrical event from the story.

Oliver Facey's Photographs from Clockwork Underworld

Oliver Facey’s Photographs from Clockwork Underworld

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Oliver Facey’s photographs

Farrukh Hayder’s photographs