Tick Tock IPA #1: Best of 2013

In a recent article by Saranga Comics, our third graphic novel Tick Tock IPA, was selected as one of the best self published graphic novels in 2013.

It’s a joy to have some recognition, especially as we’re all striving to keep the project alive, with almost no funding. The story continues, and we’re so grateful for the nod. Thank you!!!!

Read about it here


Tic Tock IPA

Tic Tock IPA


Photographs from Clockwork Underworld!!! Oliver Facey’s Pix

At long last we can show all the amazing photographs from Clockwork Underworld – our interactive theatrical event from the story.

Oliver Facey's Photographs from Clockwork Underworld

Oliver Facey’s Photographs from Clockwork Underworld

Here are your links

Oliver Facey’s photographs

Farrukh Hayder’s photographs 

Clockwork Underworld at Make Believe Festival 2013

Clockwork Underworld at Make Believe Festival 2013

Clockwork Underworld at Make Believe Festival 2013

Years since the onset of the Dark Winter, and society is finally getting to grips with living in smoke. A lifetime of burning fuels to power the big mechanical machines, coupled with diverse weather conditions created a deadly pea-souper that plunged the world into darkness. The British resolve has crumbled, ironically not through invasion, war or starvation, but by the yellow sickly smelling fog that has choked life out of 50,000 people, and closed down industry.

The battle lines are drawn. Clockwork Underworld is the only place left where many feel free;  people plot against the governments new Clockwork Servant regulations, ‘backstreet skin-job’ technicians show off the new generation of Clocks Prostitutes, Victorian gentlemen & ladies visit The Den to ‘chase the dragon’, and  liberated Clocks launch a crusade to free fellow automatons from servitude. It’s also where a newly formed police force set up shop to impose a new world order…

Join us in the realm of make believe at the Clockwork Underworld – your wildest dreams may just come true.


Make Believe Festival – 2013!!!


We are proud to announce the launch of the Make Believe Festival – a weekend-long event where Clockwork Watch meets the Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball.

This is the ultimate hybrid festival, where we invite all to abandon the modern world, and step into the realm of Make Believe…

Save the Date: 3rd – 5th May 2013.



One Year In Now Media – by Simon Staffans

Clockwork Watch is featured in Simon Staffans‘ article “One Year In Now Media” – an in depth look at the transmedia industry. It is a great summary of where this emerging genre is, and where many of us hope to drive it. Clockwork Watch creator Yomi Ayeni contributed a section on the development of this very project.

Clockwork Watch changes gear in 2013, we are going for a more engaging story, told through live events. While the start of this narrative has been online, the next stage is more engaging, immersive, and physically participatory. The tone of the storyworld changes, people will be encouraged to claim real estate in the world, and bring it to life at our events.”

Kindly check it out, it is a cracking read and Happy New Year!