Clockwork Family – A4 Print by Jennie Gyllblad Now Available

“Clockwork Family” by Jennie Gyllblad, is the first of the prints we are releasing from The Arrival.

It’s a limited run of 10 (only 5 are available through our online store, the rest are going to some of the generous patrons who funded The Arrival).

And yes, our online store is now open.

Clockwork Family

Clockwork Family


Ashwin is the first Clockwork prototype developed by Her Majesty’s Department for the Advancement of Sciences. We are introduced to him in Clockwork Watch: The Arrival. He lives with the Ranbir family, who’ve just arrived in London from India. This print is a signed limited edition of 10 (only 5 are for sale), and is by Jennie Gyllblad. The background is London’s Horniman Museum, which is featured in The Arrival.