2015 Readers Choice Best Graphic Novel – Steampunk Chronicle

Steampunk Chronicle

Woweeee! We’ve been voted 2015 Readers Choice Best Graphic Novel on Steampunk Chronicle.

Thanks so much for voting for us, it’s rather humbling.

We promise to keep the story fresh, alive and engaging.

Tick Tock IPA #3 is coming, watch out!

Immersed in the Clockwork Underworld – Steampunk Chronicle Review

Steampunk Chronicle

Steampunk Chronicle

As I entered the main room, I was met with cobbled streets, store fronts and street signs denoting my location as seedy Whitechapel. Above me floated a dirigible, at least 4 foot wide and 15 feet long. Behind it, the glass roof of the venue showed looming brick buildings and a foggy London sky.
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A great review of our main live event for 2013 – Clockwork Underworld – put together by ┬áL.C. Longo of the Steampunk Chronicle.