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Clockwork Underworld – Line Up Announced

Clockwork Underworld

Clockwork Underworld

Live Bands

★  Bitter Ruin
Initially rather disturbing, but ultimately BRILLIANT!” – Stephen Fry

★  The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
Less Steampunk & more “SteamPUNK”, the British four piece mix Anarchy and Anachrony in equal measure

★  Sunday Driver
“From a first verse that sounds like a Dickensian Kate Bush”
★★★★ The Financial Times

★  Beatrix Players
6 piece urban folk band introduce something fresh to your musical pallet


Sacha Dieu – Electro Swing


  Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus

 NK Guy’s Photo Booth

  Civilised Mess
Interactive performances

 London Quest
Immersive Engagement
“The level of spontaneous, unrestrained participation that Quest’s ensemble elicits from its audience is astonishing’  – The Times

 Dread Falls Theatre
Presents: The Explorer

  Firecat Masquerade
Role Play Direction

 Bohemian Artist’ Studio
Live Drawing and Portrait Painting


Clockwork Watch: Breakaway Book Launch!