Shhhhh… Please Don’t Share

Clockwork Watch started out in Asia, and we’re honoured to have a band that represents many of the inspirations that started this story, so we’re keeping this one pretty close to home, and it will not be announced as such… So, shhhhhhhhh….

Sunday Driver will be doing a special one-off live performance at Clockwork Underworld on May 3rd.

Sunday Driver blend together Indian and British influences from past and present with the help of a pumpkin, a melon and the skin of a goat.

Formed in Cambridge in 2000, Sunday Driver have grown from a small acoustic act to a riotous 7-piece band, playing headline gigs in the UK and abroad, creating ground-breaking music that blends contemporary sounds with Eastern influences and instrumentation.


Sunday Driver at Clockwork Underworld

Sunday Driver at Clockwork Underworld