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It was another race to the finishing line, as we prepared for San Diego Comic Con 2018. The book was almost ready, but it had to be proofed, lettered, and eventually sent to our printer in the USA. Evolution is quite different from the other books, in that it is part fiction, part role-play. Much […]

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Immersed in the Clockwork Underworld – Steampunk Chronicle Review

“As I entered the main room, I was met with cobbled streets, store fronts and street signs denoting my location as seedy Whitechapel. Above me floated a dirigible, at least 4 foot wide and 15 feet long. Behind it, the glass roof of the venue showed looming brick buildings and a foggy London sky.” Read […]

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Calling Set Designers!!

We are putting a team together to design the interior of the venue hosting our next live event in London. We need to connect with people who can help design the layout and sections of the space. Kindly contact “informer – @ – clockworkwatch – dot – com” if you are interested in being involved. […]

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Breakaway Preview – FREE DOWNLOAD!

We are eight months into a 5-year long story and¬†Clockwork Watch¬†is attracting a lot of interest from around the world. Thank you so much for helping to start the process, your support is the reason we’ve been able to carry on with the adventure. We understand that Clockwork Watch is a content heavy experience, and […]

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Are You Ready? Camera, Lights, Action!!!

Many parts of the Clockwork Watch story will be played out in the real world, as part of an immersive live-event ethos. We believe this approach encourages ‘play’ and opens the narrative to participants who want to become involved in our storyworld. The objective is for people to share their personal experiences, in other words […]

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