Tomorrow’s World Today

Clockwork Watch is proud to announce the first instalment of our steampunk transmedia project.

“Tomorrow’s World Today” – the greatest exhibition of practical technologies for the well- heeled Victorian household.

This all day immersive ‘show and tell’ is a universe setting concept and entry point to our three year long love story.

Don your amazing outfits, and step into a world where Victorian values collide with anachronistic technologies. A place where the public rally against the unwise employment of science, and its impact on society. The public accuse scientists of ‘playing God’ with the development of Clockwork labour.

The fun starts at 2pm on May 6th at a venue in Central London. The location will be announced soon.

Participants will have character cards with tasks and information, move through sets, gather clues, join demonstrations and solve mysteries.

You are welcome to come in costume, as a character or as yourself.

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