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Professor Elemental’s Rap Tutorial – Say Cheese Please!

Another rare treat! Professor Elemental’s Rap Tutorial at our Tomorrow’s World… Today! event in May 2012.

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London Gazette Blows Lid Off Scientist Activities

This is how we’re concluding one aspect of the Clockwork Watch story, but… it continues through contributions from the participants, which will be incorporated into our narrative. If interested in contributing kindly contact us at “informer – at – clockworkwatch – dot – com”. Clockwork Watch: Breakaway, our next graphic novel, starts 18 years after […]

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The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – play for us at Latitude

Some pictures from our adventure at Latitude Festival, where we hosted Clockwork Watch’s second live event, the Advancement of Sciences Roadshow. The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, did an acoustic set and it was awesome!!! Best quote of the day “I can’t believe they are playing in such a small tent” – […]

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Are You Ready? Camera, Lights, Action!!!

Many parts of the Clockwork Watch story will be played out in the real world, as part of an immersive live-event ethos. We believe this approach encourages ‘play’ and opens the narrative to participants who want to become involved in our storyworld. The objective is for people to share their personal experiences, in other words […]

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Long Lost “Kit Williams” Clock – Unveiling at Tomorrow’s World Today

The Lady and Tiger Illusion Clock by Kit Williams went missing more than 10 years ago. It will be unveiled by the Department for the Advancement of Sciences as part of the Tomorrow’s World Today event, on May 6th in London. Tickets and details are on the Advancement of Sciences website [tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ4seLndtSM[/tube] Remember Masquerade, the […]

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