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Evolution: Two – First sneak view of art by Megan Bradbury

We’re¬†really¬†excited to share the amazing art created by Megan Bradbury, for Clockwork Watch: Evolution Two. The story is a combination of fiction by Corey and Yomi, and role-play by participants at our live immersive events. Here are two pieces to wet your whistle. Attendees were given a token on arrival at the event. Many didn’t […]

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Latitude – The Film!!!

We’d like to thank all the people that took part in our Latitude immersive event. The show was produced by Louisa Norman, Holly Seager handled design, Kady Howey Nunn assisted with props / design, Sam Howey Nunn managed affairs and Firecat Masquerade provided props and direction. A big thank you to our actors: Alex Barclay, […]

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The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – play for us at Latitude

Some pictures from our adventure at Latitude Festival, where we hosted Clockwork Watch’s second live event, the Advancement of Sciences Roadshow. The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, did an acoustic set and it was awesome!!! Best quote of the day “I can’t believe they are playing in such a small tent” – […]

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