Are You Ready? Camera, Lights, Action!!!

Many parts of the Clockwork Watch story will be played out in the real world, as part of an immersive live-event ethos. We believe this approach encourages ‘play’ and opens the narrative to participants who want to become involved in our storyworld.

The objective is for people to share their personal experiences, in other words tell our story. Each contribution has the potential to shape the narrative, by making creative adjustments to the project.

Our second foray into this territory comes in the form of  “industrial action‘ or a strike, called by the Union for the Casual Labourer – a group representing people working on the Clockwork Project at the Department for the Advancement of Sciences. Many workers believe jobs will be at risk if the automatons they’re developing become active.

The Casual Labourer Strike is a ‘working class’ day of action, where anyone following this story can participate by going on strike. We would like everyone interested in storytelling, Steampunk, Victoriana or just role-playing to join us on July 14th 2012. You do not have to be a trade unionist to strike, in fact we hope people choose other factions, even oppose the day of action.

Create a placard stating your grievance, don your working class finery, take a photograph or video, write a story and share it on your social stream – Twitter, Facebook, blog or send it to us at (informer – @ – clockworkwatch-dot- com).

The strike is a major development in the Clockwork Watch story, and we need your help in making it happen. We hope to rally a global show of strength, some of us will picket the Advancement of Sciences Roadshow on July 14th / 15th, but kindly join us in spirit, where ever you are!

Kindly post details of your intent on our Facebook Event page, and you can follow the story live on our tweeter stream @ClockworkWatch. Read all about it in our online paper The London Gazette.

Don’t forget this is all about PLAY, and we hope you enjoy the experience.

Brothers, Sisters, drop your tools, we’re going on strike – OUT!

Casual Labourere Strike

Casual Labourere Strike