Breakaway Preview – FREE DOWNLOAD!

We are eight months into a 5-year long story and Clockwork Watch is attracting a lot of interest from around the world. Thank you so much for helping to start the process, your support is the reason we’ve been able to carry on with the adventure.

We understand that Clockwork Watch is a content heavy experience, and with so many people contributing to the narrative, things can often be overlooked or overshadowed. With this in mind we have produced the Clockwork Watch: Breakaway Preview 2013, a limited edition review of the story so far, which includes photographs from the Tomorrow’s World… Today! event. The book also acts as a preview to our next graphic novel, Breakaway.

There are only 50 copies available, initially we are offering the actual books to people that came to the Tomorrow’s World… Today event, and are featured in the photographs within it; however, the remaining copies are up for grabs!

Download a digital version of the book for free.

Breakaway Preview


Part two of Clockwork Watch starts very soon, but in which country???

Thank you!!!!

Clockwork Watch Team