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Anachronauts Digest | The Making of Clockwork Watch | Page 2
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Kickstarting Tick Tock IPA #3


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Am I Steampunk Enough For You?

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5 Book Perk For £15 On Our Kickstarter

5 - Book DealOur best Kickstarter perk  – 5 digital books – the entire collection to date,  for £15!

Catch up on the entire story in one digital volume.

Support our Kickstarter campaign!


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Tick Tock IPA #3 – Anatomy Of A Steampunk Universe

In Tick Tock IPA #3, we venture far and wide to see how our world has reacted to Science, religion and cultural differences.

Here’s a sneak preview of things to come, and kindly support our Kickstarter Campaign – we need your help to make this happen.

Tick Tock IPA #3 Preview


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Tick Tock IPA #3 – Kickstarter is live!

The Kickstarter campaign to fund ClockworkWatch Tick Tock IPA #3, is live.

Our Transmedia story continues. Please check it out!

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2015 Readers Choice Best Graphic Novel – Steampunk Chronicle

Steampunk Chronicle

Woweeee! We’ve been voted 2015 Readers Choice Best Graphic Novel on Steampunk Chronicle.

Thanks so much for voting for us, it’s rather humbling.

We promise to keep the story fresh, alive and engaging.

Tick Tock IPA #3 is coming, watch out!

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Tick Tock IPA: Character Design by Jennie

Character Design - Rough

TickTock3 character design rough by Jennie.



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Tick Tock IPA 3: Goes Middle East

Tuareg Steampunk


As mentioned our new story ventures far and wide, as we look at how the world could have looked if Steampunk were historic fact. These are Tuareg Steampunks.

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Clockwork Underworld At The Asylum 2015



The Asylum, which happens to be one of the biggest Steampunk gatherings on the planet, will this year feature – Clockwork Underworld and some amazing performers, acts, bands, activities.

We have lift off!

Asylum Pic




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More Again… Work in Progress – Tick Tock IPA 3

Here are some snapshots of a page being worked on for the comic TickTock IPA 3! grin emoticon l Thank you for your continued support!

Tick Tock 3 WIP

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