Clocking Off Late presents The Tinku Diaries

We are proud to announce that our next immersive event will be held on November 13th, as part “Clocking Off Late“, at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

The Tinku Diaries is an interactive piece taken from Clockwork Watch.

This is a chance to get a firsthand account of the Clockwork Watch world from Tinku Ranbir, mother to the ever-questioning Janav, and wife to the stoic Chan.

Clocking Off Late – The Tinku Diaries will be staged in the Trade Gallery of the building, among the East India Company exhibit.

We are delighted to be, once again, working with Suna Dasi of Steampunk India, who will be playing the role of Tinku.

Behind The Scenes At The Summer Fete

Thanks to all who came to the Steampunk Summer Fete, on August 3rd. It was a great event, and we hope you enjoyed the immersive story and characters that you interacted with.

Here are some of photographs from behind the scenes. Mainly our actors, and director at the tech rehearsal.