That Was The Night That Was… London Gazette – Free!!!

London Gazette Vendor

London Gazette Vendor

Thanks to everyone who made it to The Tinku Diaries, last night at the Royal Museums Greenwich, where Clockwork Watch hosted a first from within our storyworld – the physical publication of our fictional newspaper – the London Gazette,  and hidden snippets about Tinku’s private life in the UK, which just happens to be the launch for our next graphic novel, Tick Tock IPA #2.

The limited edition newspaper featured stories by the Museum, contributors, and the public.

Performances were by Mayowa Coker, Phillip Whiteman, Suna Dasi, and Ziazan.

Thanks to Katherine McAlpine, Richard Dunn, Heloise Finch-Boyer, and all the team at the Royal Museums Greenwich.

Want to know what’s happening in the Clockwork Watch world? Download your copy of The London Gazette!!

Pic Credit: Royal Museums Greenwich

Clocking Off Late Presents: The Tinku Diaries

The Tinku Diaries

The Tinku Diaries

The Tinku Diaries is an interactive journey of discovery, taking participants deeper into the ‘make believe’ Steampunk world of Clockwork Watch, a story told through live events, graphic novels, an online newspaper, and film.

This will be our second immersive theatrical performance hosted as part of the National Maritime Museum’s Longitude Season.

Meet Tinku, wife of eminent scientist, Chan Ranbir, the man who put ‘Great’ back into Great Britain by designing a kinetic heart to power the country’s most lucrative export – the Clockwork Servant.

Uprooted from her home in Calcutta, Tinku ‘toes the line’, and keeps up appearances on behalf of Chan and his main benefactor the East India Company. With her son, Janav, away at boarding school, Tinku is left to her own devices in a very unhappy home.

Step into the immersive world of Clockwork Watch. Hear about the ambitions of the East India Company, and search out the intimate secrets of a woman abandoned by a husband rumoured to have a God complex.

This performance features Suna Dasi as Tinku Ranbir, Phillip Whiteman as Thomas, and Ziazan as The Oracle. The Tinku Diaries is produced and directed by Yomi Ayeni.

Date: November 13 2014
Location: Traders Gallery, National Maritime Museum. Greenwich
Times: 18.30 | 19.15 | 20.00
Tickets available through the National Maritime Museum website