We’d Like You To Tell A Story

Calling Steampunk Storytellers!

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

Clockwork Watch is a collaborative storytelling project, every week we publish the latest news from the story universe in our newspaper The London Gazette.

We would like to invite participants to take their cue from the latest news, and contribute stories, photographs, videos, even drawings showing how developments in our story affect a character living in the Clockwork Watch universe.

Coincidently, next week’s issue is about Queen Victoria’s Royal Jubilee, the controversy surrounding development of Clockwork Automata, and the row over Science.

Want to help tell our story? Send your submissions to: informer@clockworkwatch.com or register a character and own some virtual real estate in an innovative form of storytelling.

You can also catch-up on the story through our online newspaper, and  Clockwork Watch: The Arrival, our first graphic novel.

All contributions are licensed under Creative Commons:

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