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World Building Voices…

  We hope all the characters sketched into The Arrival and Breakaway exercise their voices, develop personalities and adventure in the story universe they’re helping to  create. Their contributions are the backbone of what is called a Shared Storyworld. Our next blog post will explain how we intend co-creating Clockwork Watch’s backstory.

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We would like You to tell a story… by Yomi Ayeni

Life is a story – one full of plots, sub-plots, twists and turns. It has many nuances, some lead the inquisitive minded on exciting adventures, others teach us not to be nosey, but you never know until you’ve taken that leap of faith whether you’re on course for a life changing experience. Clockwork Watch is […]

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Pre-Order The Arrival

We’re taking pre-orders for our graphic novel The Arrival – first instalment of Clockwork Watch! It’s not too late to be part of something different…  

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The Clock faces – part 3 by Corey Brotherson

And here we move on to the last of our main characters in The Arrival… Chan Ranbir Chan is very much a driving force of The Arrival – for both the right and wrong reasons. A short-tempered genius, the father of the Ranbirs is stern, influential and a figure who looms over the family’s future. […]

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Cross Cultural Steampunk

  Here’s what happens when culture collides with history in a make believe universe. Sikhism meets Steampunk. A snippet from the front cover of The Arrival.

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The Clock faces – part 2 by Corey Brotherson

And so on to our next main character in The Arrival– the dutiful mother, Tinku. Tinku Ranbir Mother to the ever-questioning Janav and wife to the stoic Chan, Tinku is a character who has great significance to the story. Her presence is felt throughout both The Arrival and Breakaway, and provides a sense of balance to the two […]

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The Clock faces by Corey Brotherson

So, you’ve seen some of the artwork showing a few of the characters you’ll be joining on the journey that is Clockwork Watch – but who are they? Well, you’ll be finding out soon enough in The Arrival, however there’s no harm in introducing some of the people whose lives will dramatically change before you […]

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The Arrival – First Colour Sneak…

We’re on to a new phase in the production of Clockwork Watch. While you must be aware the entire graphic novel is being hand-drawn, it is also being coloured by hand. Our illustrator Jennie Gyllblad has been busy over the Xmas / New Year break, and here’s what she’s been doing.

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Another teaser from The Arrival~

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Congratulations – You Funded Us!

The preamble to this post is stored on our FaceBook page, which is where we coordinated our crowdsourcing efforts. The general gist is we raised $10k (ten thousand dollars) through crowdfunding! Phew…. So what’s this all about? Clockwork Watch is a “transmedia” steampunk story starting in a limited run of two graphic novels. The Clockwork Watch world […]

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