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As the whole world grapples with lockdown measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, staying at home is the new ‘going out’. Clockwork Watch is offering a time limited free book download offer which we hope helps stave off boredom and offer a mind-expanding insight into the world of Steampunk, science fantasy and folklore.

Clockwork Watch
I like Clockwork Watch a lot. It’s a steampunk story with genuine soul that brings a fresh approach to the genre. A real labour of love.” – Bryan Talbot (Grandville)

Clockwork Watch is a collaborative storytelling project set in a retro-futurist / Steampunk vision of Victorian England. It’s an immersive and co-created participatory story told through graphic novels, interactive promenade theatre, freeform role-play, and online adventures. Now in its 10th graphic novel, the story has manifested as live events at the Royal Observatory, The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and The Asylum.

The following titles are available to download for free. Each is the start of a new story arc within the Clockwork Watch storyworld. All start at just about the same time, and run concurrently, with each spawning unique live participatory and immersive events. They can be read in any order, as each references the others.

The Arrival:
Technological and social change is in the air – human-clockwork hybridisation is the talk of the town; the unwise employment of science has led to amazement and outcry. The Arrival introduces the amazing Steampunk world of Clockwork Watch.

The story is told through the eyes of Janav Ranbir, an 8 year old Indian boy who comes to England with his parents at the invitation of Queen Victoria. In The Arrival, the first novel, we follow Janav’s father – Chan Ranbir – a leading kinetic engineer and mastermind of a new technology powering the production of Clockwork Servants.

Arrival Cover

Tick Tock IPA #1:

Tick Tock IPA is a tale of perseverance against the odds, the fight for civil rights, and a history of the Victorian era’s first internationally renowned Indian Pale Ale, surely a Steampunk icon of a forgotten age.

Tick Tock IPA pre-dates Clockwork Watch: Breakaway, and is about the liberation of Clockworks from servitude. It has certain parallels with the abolition of slavery amongst other historical signposts.

Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA

Evolution #1

“At eight-years-old, I bravely put a name to one of the voices in my head. I call him Xavier… he knows my darkest secrets, fears, and how to manipulate them. He has made me do things… deathly things.”

The words of  Saccadius Cartwright, a man born into a world in the throes of chaotic change. Guided by his imaginary friends, he railed against authority and many of the things his guardian expected of him.



We’d be very grateful if you’d answer a few questions prior to downloading the books. The most important being whether you’d be willing to write a review of the books.

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